What Is The Builder Trade In Program

Dated: 09/01/2016

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What is the Builder Trade-In Program? 

Great question; you are not the first to ask. 

If you live in the Hinesville, Fort Stewart, or Ludowici, Georgia area, and you are in the market to buy or sell a home, then chances are you have heard about or been to some of the events by the Builder Trade-In Program or #btip . Many people, and other REALTORS included, have been asking us the same questions. So we thought we would start a blog to answer these common questions, and to give you a place to stay connected to us, as we keep you informed about Your #HOMEtown Community. 

Q. What is the Builder Trade-In Program?

    A. We represent the Local Chapter of a National Network of REALTORS whom offer real estate solutions that benefit our buyers and sellers in a variety of ways. Each situation is unique, and after a brief consultation, our program allows us to create a customized plan for our clients. 

Q. How do you do it? 

    A. HA! Well that's for us to know and show to OUR clients. 

Q. What do you do? 

    A. Aside from selling real estate, we are heavily involved in attending and creating community events that get families out of the #home, and draw the community closer together.  

Q. What are some upcoming events that you will have? 

    A. Without divulging too many details, just know that we invite everyone to any and all of our events. Help us CELEBRATE in September with Ed and Sharie:  Ed's Birthday, 10 years of Real Estate Service, and Client Appreciation. In October, ENJOY treats and frights the Fall season brings. GIVE THANKS with us in November, as we connect with family and friends. In December, we have some events planned during the Holidays to CHERISH heartfelt memories and WELCOME IN the New Year. 

You asked the QUESTIONS, and we brought the ANSWERS. 

Hope you enjoyed the first of many blogs that we will be sharing to help keep you engaged with family events happening in and around our #hometown and informing you about the services offered by the Builder Trade-In Team. (#btip_team) 

No matter what your current credit score is currently, BTIP can help own a brand new home for as little as $130KBTIP Future Events.

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